We are thrilled to introduce our felt letter board set. This is an elegant and versatile set of 2 hand-made letter boards, that allows you to share your thoughts with a unique style and adapt your message to different settings depending on your circumstances.

Ideal for succinct messages, both boards can be hung on the wall, leaned on a side table, or easily transported and used as photography props.

It comes with 346-piece character set that includes letters, numbers, interpunctuations and emojis. Also included a cotton storage bag for convenience.




Hi! I'm Domenica, the founder of Vintage Vila. Thank you for visiting us!

This small business started back in october 2017, when i decided to live a more intentional life after welcoming my 2nd child...i quitted my safe corporate job to pursue a dream: creating my own business.
When im not running errands, and getting my kids ready for their daily routines, i like spending time with my family, and somehow pretending to enjoy what "work-life balance" and "flexible schedule" looks like.

At Vintage Vila, consciousness is at our core and reflected in everything we do. 

We are design-concious people by nature.

We feel the need to communicate with others and infuse every special place with our unique style and personality. We are urged to make everything with intention, every day.

From craftmanship, to customer service, to the social and environmental impact of our products, we care about all the details.   

And there's no greater reward for us than knowing that we've been able to bring the undeniable beauty, elegance and originality these letter boards provide to your home...while positively impact more people and communities through our business.

To more conscious places and days,

The Vintage Vila family. 







Questions, comments, or issues with an existing order? Drop us a line and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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